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Our clients received direct access straight into our Helpdesk CRM System, enabling you to raise and track calls as well as giving you easy access to our extensive Knowledge Base for quick self-fixes and provides designated people of your choice direct access to your invoices and projects.

Every single telephone call, email and service ticket is logged and stored in our CRM system, this allows us to report on trends, identify repetitive issues and fix them, permanently.  And our 24×7 monitoring system allows us to react to any critical failures on your network, out of office hours.

The Helpdesk has a dedicated phone number and is available to take calls from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am – 6pm. Problems or queries raised are logged into the Helpdesk system for resolution or call back.  Again you will be able to track these tickets yourself via the portal.  We have an ‘out of hours’ technician number for urgent issues outside of normal Helpdesk hours.  It’s a Voicemail Service that is picked up by the on call technician within 1 hour.


Create new service tickets


Search through past service tickets


Search our client knowledgebase to find self-fixes and resolve minor issues

Monitor & Update

Monitor and update existing service tickets

User Control

Add, edit and delete users from the client portal and control their access level


Run reports based on your service usage i.e. Ticket Report or Invoice History

Our helpdesk system allows us to monitor your service usage, from this we generate monthly reports based and can provide you with information such as:

  • Which staff members are raising the most helpdesk tickets
  • What day is popular for raising tickets within the Organisation
  • What issues are most common within the Organisation
  • Which method for raising tickets is most popular within the Organisation
  • What websites are visited regularly and how much time is being spent on them
  • Is the agreed Service Level Agreement being met consistently
  • The type of ticket are we receiving the most of ( i.e. service requests or problem tickets)

This information can then be analysed to spot trends within the organisation:

  • Are the same issues occurring regularly throughout the organisation?
  • How many man hours are being ‘lost’ per day/week/month due to IT issues?
  • How many man hours are ‘lost’ to social media/online shopping?
  • Is a single staff member or team experiencing more downtime than average?

These trends could indicate:

  • Training needs
  • Network issues
  • Hardware or software issues
  • The need for an IT usage policy / That the current IT usage policy needs enforcing

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