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Great technology is nice… but not when it stops working?

It’s one thing having great IT technology, not so great if it isn’t operational, so what’s the best way to handle the times when your IT stops working? The solution is our award winning live Helpdesk service.

Our background is with Fujitsu Services and our help desk is very much based on the Fujitsu model that serviced high level government departments and corporate enterprises. Our Helpdesk support cases are always prioritised to provide an appropriate level of response within a guaranteed time
and you are kept constantly up-to-date from the moment a case is raised right through to its successful resolution.

No recorded messages or endless loops of canned music, if its music you want there’s always the radio. What you will get is responsive, friendly human assistance, whenever you need it.

Additionally we run monitoring software that alerts us if the network goes offline. Each technician associated with your account receives an email/SMS and a ‘High Priority’ automatic Helpdesk call is generated. We usually know about problems before you do.

We’ve become a real-time society with real-time expectations; our award winning Helpdesk enables those expectations to be fulfilled. Quite simply…our customers love it.

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Customer Survey Ratings | December 2016

Communication (4/5 or 5/5)98%

Customer satisfaction (4/5 or 5/5)98%

Customers who would recommend our services (4/5 or 5/5)100%

Survey ratings | 1 – Poor | 2 – Average | 3 – Good | 4 – Very Good | 5 – Excellent


Expert advice on your IT requirements to ensure you make the best choice from the solutions available whether network, server, complete system or system upgrade

Managed Firewalls

Future proof Firewall solutions which offer integrated security to help safeguard numerous network environments


Experts in the very latest cloud networking technologies and solutions, including Hosted Email, Online Backup and Software applications


Fully scalable, robust, lightening quick wireless solutions which enable you to not only achieve real time access to vital applications.

Internet Security

Specialist advice on Internet and Network security to ensure you are fully protected against malicious attacks


Solution implementation utilising highly trained and experienced engineers to ensure your system is configured correctly and quickly operational


Next generation switching ensuring super-fast speeds through the core of your network


Server deployments, including hybrid systems, which maximize server efficiency ensuring you achieve outstanding performance


Server and workstation virtualisation to increase flexibility and help maximise the output of each physical server

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery policies to prevent data loss and keep business critical applications available following a disaster

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